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PAWS Animal Shelter is 100% volunteer run and is in constant need for volunteers in various capacities. The first step to becoming a volunteer at PAWS is to attend Volunteer Orientation. Sign up using the button below!


Care Shifts

Care shifts are a vital part of being a volunteer with PAWS! We need dedicated people to come in and feed, socialize, and clean up after all of the animals in the shelter twice daily. We require volunteers to sign up for at least two care shifts a month.

Bunny in the Garden


PAWS is active in the community and 100% nonprofit so fundraising is a big part of what we do! We are always looking for extra helping hands during our bigger events to help us spread the word about PAWS! You can follow our Facebook page to look out for our monthly fundraisers and volunteer opportunities.

Dog in a Box

Building Maintenance

Spring and fall is a good time to keep an eye out for our need of "clean up" days inside and out in the shelter. If your command is looking to gain some volunteer hours, please contact us via email to understand more of what we are looking for!

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