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Donating to PAWS

PAWS is a 100% volunteer run non-profit animal shelter.  Your donations make our work possible!


  • Amazon

If you would like to donate supplies to the shelter, here is a list of items that we are in constant need! You can access a wishlist on our Amazon account or leave at our new dropbox at the shelter. A donation receipt is available upon request.

Please remember we cannot accept open or expired pet food/treats. Please do not leave monetary donations in the drop box. If you'd like to message us after you drop items, please do, we would love to thank you personally. 

Animal Supplies

  • Cat Food & Litter

  • Rabbit Food

  • Specific Medications

  • Towels & Blankets

  • Crates & Carriers

  • Dog Food & Treats

Shelter Supplies 

  • Paper Towels & Clorox wipes

  • Swifter Wet Jet Pads & Refills

  • Animal Friendly Cleaning Products

  • Toilet Paper & hand Soap

Thanks to the sailors at PWD, we have a donation drop box for PAWS supporters to drop off donations at their convenience. 

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Caring for a rabbit

Monetary Donations

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

All donations go to helping maintain the shelter, spay/neuter costs for all animals, up to date vaccinations for all animals, and all other necessary means for the shelter pets. 

We can accept PayPal: Friends and Family Transactions, and cash payments. Please do not choose the option to pay with Zelle. We will not receive these funds. Please reach out to our email with any questions!

Using NFCU

If you are using NFCU, we can only accept account transfers.To make an account transfer on the Navy Federal app:

You will first need to add PAWS to your "transfer to" accounts list:* First you would click the transfers button* Then "View/add accounts"* Next, locate the "+" at the top of the screen* Followed by choosing "Navy Federal Business / Association" option*Then click the option "By Email" and type in and continue.*Finally, a screen with account name PAWS will pop up, click add account on the bottom of this page and PAWS will be added to you transfers list.


Now go back to that same first step and make a transfer:* First, hit the "Transfers" button on the main screen* Next, hit the orange "Make Transfer" button at the top* You will fill in 3 boxes with drop down menus, choose your account you would like top pay from, when you click "to" scroll down until you see PAWS and click the circle next to it, then the amount you want to sent, and continue.* You will review all of your choices and hit "make transfer".

Please do not choose the option to pay with Zelle. We will not receive these funds.

Dog in a Box
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