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Donating to PAWS

PAWS is a 100% volunteer run non-profit animal shelter.  If you would like to donate supplies to the shelter, below are a list of items that we are in constant need! If you are interested in donating please contact us to see what supplies we are most in need of! A donation receipt is available upon request.

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Shelter Supplies 

  • Paper Towels

  • Swifter Wet Jet Pads

  • Swifter Wet Jet Refills

  • Clorox Wipes

  • Animal Friendly Cleaning Products

  • Toilet Paper

  • Hand Soap

Animal Supplies

  • Cat Food

  • Cat Litter

  • Rabbit Food

  • Animal Medication

  • Towels/Small Blankets

  • Crates/Carriers

  • Dog Food/Treats

All donations go to helping maintain the shelter, spay/neuter costs for all animals, up to date vaccinations for all animals, and all other necessary means for the shelter pets.