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Stray Pets on or Near Base

In the event of finding a stray animal, please contact PWD desk at 245-555 first and if they do not reply to you, email PAWS. Do not attempt to catch any strays on your own. PAWS can accept stray animals if already caught or help catch OFF BASE  but we can not catch them on base.

Let's Talk About Kittens

Should you approach kittens?

If you see a nest of kittens, do not approach. Most kittens do not survive away from their mother in the first 8 weeks of life. If you find kittens, wait 3 - 4 hours from a safe distance to see if the mother returns.

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Raising Orphan Kittens

Despite our best effors, raising kittens by hand is very difficult. Regardless of how well equipped a foster may be, some kittens may pass away from lack of mother's milk and nutrients. 

Cute Kittens
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What should you do?

Touching or moving the kittens could put them at risk of dying. Call base security only if you're certain the mother has abandoned them.

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