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Stray Pets on or Near Base

In the event of finding a stray animal, please contact PWD desk at 245-555 first and if they do not reply to you, email PAWS or message us on Facebook. Do not attempt to catch any strays on your own.


Should you approach:

If you see a stray cat, keep in mind that it may be part of the TNR program - TNRM program (trap, neuter, release, manage). These cats have been spayed or neutered and are fed by the TNR program. Most often, the cats in this program have a clipped ear to indicate they are fixed, but in rare cases, a stray from off base with a clipped ear may have wandered on base. You shouldn’t worry about reporting these cats unless they look sick or injured.

Who to contact:

In all cases that you feel authorities should be alerted, please contact PWD and they can connect you to the right place. If the cat is not part of the TNR program or if there is a potential for domestication, PWD will get the appropriate organization or person involved once they are informed. PAWS is not approved to trap cats on base, but PWD can help us with this. We will take it from there. When you call PWD, please give them information such as: general health of the cat, where they were last seen, how often they frequent that area, etc. This can help us determine next steps. 

More about TNRM

Yokosuka Naval Base runs a TNRM program (trap, neuter, release, manage) program that is separate from PAWS. The program is very committed to making sure that the base is able to safely control the population growth and health of cats on and near base. The program’s control feeding goals include managing cat population, identifying each cat to be able to notice new strays and/or lost or newly abandoned cats, provide medication to avoid spreading disease, acclimate them feeding situation and attached to specific feeding times so they won’t be scared and are easier to trap when necessary.


If you see cats around that have clipped ears, these are likely (but not always) part of the program and are well cared for. Beyond this, it is against CFAY policy for anyone other than authorized people to feed the base community cats. If you want to learn more or if you see a cat that is not clipped, please let PWD or PAWS know so we can help!

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