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Attend Our Next Volunteering Orientation to Become a Volunteer and Foster


Dog Foster

PAWS is often in need of dedicated dog fosters. Because we are a rescue, our dogs tend to come with some special needs and a lot of patience and love. If you are interested in fostering dogs or rabbits at PAWS please email us to join our dog foster list.


Cat Foster

Kitten fosters are a huge part of  PAWS. We often are given kitten litters found on the base and raise them to be adoptable at 12 weeks of age! Our kitten foster program begins in the spring of each year and last throughout the summer. Please follow our Facebook page for more information.

Dwarf Rabbit

Rabbit (& MISC) Foster

Most animals do not do well in the shelter environment and thrive in a normal, loving home. We are always on the lookout for animal fosters. All PAWS fosters are required to attend Volunteer Orientation in order to join our foster program. 

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