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A big part of owning any animal while living in Japan, is first making sure that you will be able to PCS with it. Just like all the other parts of your PCS, your pets will require planning ahead and often will add additional costs.

So, how can you export a rabbit OUT of Japan? Please remember that government websites will always have the latest information. At the time that this post was published, this was the latest information.

Just like when we entered Japan with our pets, Japan requires a quarantine procedure for pets leaving the country. Your rabbit will have to undergo 3 days and 2 nights of inspection at the NEX kennel (located next to VTF) conducted by the VTF. This is to confirm that they won’t be spreading an infectious disease (thanks Japan!). Plan ahead and make that appointment with VTF and the kennel ASAP.

Your steps for PCSing will beL

  1. Your pets should ALWAYS be microchipped and registered at the VTF on base, even if you use a vet that is off base. By registering your pet on base, you are notifying the Navy of pets that legally belong to you (in the case of PCS or an emergency, this is the only way the Navy can identify your animal).

  2. Your first step when exporting a rabbit is to contact VTF and the Animal Quarantine Services (they can also help you determine the IMPORT requirements of your next station).

  3. You will need to submit the Export Inspection Application Form (found at the bottom of this post) at least 7 days before the start of the mooring inspection.

  4. You can fax or email this form or use NACCS (Animal Quarantine Related Services).

TIP: SOFA personnel will do their inspection and quarantine at the kennel facility next to VTF, and then you can take your rabbit DIRECTLY to the flight with your export certificate. We recommend you reach out to VTF as soon as possible to set this up.

TIP: Check with your airline if they fly rabbits. Some airlines don't ship rabbits but that might not list that on their websites - make sure to ask directly.

TIP: The good news is your rabbit doesn’t need a vaccine to PCS which we all know makes the process much easier!

TIP: You also have the option of a pet shipper which may accept rabbits depending on the country and the company you choose! Be aware that the cost to ship animals can be very expensive, so plan ahead.

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Rabbit Export Form
Download PDF • 11KB


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